Friday, 15 July 2016

Create MorphX Report in Ax

We're already aware of MorphX environment of Microsoft Dynamics Ax. The MorphX reports are very easy to delevelop than SSRS reports. SSRS reports are developed in visula studio while MorphX report are developed inside Microsoft Dynamics Ax (MorphX Environment) that's why these reports are named as MorphX reports or sometimes Ax Reports.

Here I would tell you step by step development of a demo MorphX report.
This example is to pick all the sales order records related to one customer. If you want to print all customer's records than don't select any parameter.
  • First of all create a new report and add it to your project.

  • Add CustTable to Report datasource
  • Now expend CustTable datasource and add SalesTable to inside CustTable datasource.
  • In salesTable datasource create a relation as shown below that will only pick those records where customer account in CustTable is equal to customer account in SalesTable. 
  • Right click on Report Design and select Generate Design. By this CustTable and SalesTable section would be automatically created in your report's design. 

  • Inside 'Section Group : CustTable', right click on 'Body: CustTable_body', select new control 'Field form CustTable' and add AccountNum and Name fields to body.

  • Similarly. add SaleTable Fields whichever you want to Body:SalesTable_body. I have added Salesid, QuotationId, CreatedDateTime, SalesSatatus. deliveryAddress and CurrencyCode.

  • Now open your report and select any customer

  • After following all the above steps successfully your report output would be as shown below.

Note: I didn't focus on report's design much so this report looks very simple. You can customize this report according to your requirement, you can also make changes for individual control's properties such as size, caption, width-height, margins, position, label etc. After changing control properties you can make your report more attractive.
If you want to use table's display methods in your report than write that display method name in data method property.

In case you have any doubt do comment below. Thank you so much.